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05th August:Raja Veedhi Stage, Ayyannapeta, Vizianagaram District

Sri D Srihari Raju, CI of Police, Vizianagaram
Sri Dr Prashant Ampalam, psychiatrist, Vizianagram
Sri Srinivas Rao, Advocate, president of Advocates bar association, vizianagaram
Sri S Trinadha Rao, Councillor, Ayyannapeta, Viziangaram
Sri S Satyanarayana, Ex-Surpanch, Ayyannapeta, Vizianagaram.

Program event in summary:

Sri D. SriHari Raju, CI of Police, Vizianagaram revealed that WHO has
recognised Alcoholism as 3rd most dangerous diseases of the world.  He
says “Any habit it should be under our control rather we under its
control or any others. God has given us will power, which we need to
apply for controlling of our habits”.

Sri Dr Prashant Ampalam, psychiatrist, Vizianagram explained how
alcoholism starts, what are the symptoms for addiction, how it affects
their family life, social, economic status in the society. He says
“Human beings are social beings where we need to be in the society,
follow the rules for happy living, and don’t disturb the harmony with
unwanted and bad habits”

Sri Srinivas Rao, Advocate and President of Advocate Bar Association,
Vizianagaram District said God have given us Wisdom which we need to
use,  whenever we have choose wrong path. The percentage of drunk and
drive accidents and victims in the accidents are growing irrespective
of the alerts, warnings, fines or punishments and Govt. policies.
Govt. has designed some policies which everyone has to bind for it.”

Councilor, Ayyannapeta Village, Vizianagaram District Sri S Trinadha
Rao has proudly displayed about 10 villagers who got rehabilitated due
to the counseling and meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous group. He
appealed that the change should be viral affecting and changing many
other alcoholic addicts into de-addicted village.

Few women and men have given inspirations and expressed their family
member’s journey in the recovery from alcohol addiction with lots of
grief and happiness for the change.  They expressed special thanks to
the A A Group for bringing light in their families.

Chief Guest Rajyogini Sister BK Sasikala, says “The intoxication of service to humanity is much more powerful tonic than any other temporary intoxicants. Bharat was once termed as a Golden sparrow of
the world, where deities of heaven used to rule this world with values and habit free.  With spirituality and practice of daily meditation,
we can empower ourselves and get rid of any kind of bad habits.  We can become intoxicated by the divine virtues and values, and thus avoid addiction lapsing.  Andhra Govt. is making policies to make thestate “SwarnAndhra Pradesh.  Each one has to develop determination and will power to change. Change within brings the change in Bharat asSwarnim Bharat” She added.