AndhraPradesh (Vishakapatnam) : 20th Annual Day Function at HB Colony

BK Rameshwari, the Center-in-Charge of the Housing Board Colony Center of the Brahma Kumaris in Visakhapatnam, invited Swamy  Swarupanandendra Saraswati of Sharada Peethhadhipati to their 20th Annual Day Function.

Swamy Swarupanandendra Saraswati inaugurated the celebrations by lighting auspicious lamps along with BK Rameshwari; BK Satyavati, MVP Center-in-Charge; Mr. Dronamraj Srinivas, VMRDA Chairman; and Mr. Ganta Srinubabu, VJ Forum President, followed by a welcome dance performance by young artists.

Blessing the people in the audience, Swarupanandendra Saraswati said that people should tread the Spiritual path. He was all praise for the people of the City of Visakhapatnam, and said, “Everyone must realize and know God. For this, the Knowledge given and Rajayog Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris is the most wonderful way. At the same time none can reap, without efforts, the rewards of their actions.” He said, “The life of men is not only to earn a false name, fame, prestige, etc.; it is to perform selfless service to Mankind to get blessings of God.”  “The World,” he said, “is Kurukshetra, the Land of Action. Life itself is a warfield. Gita has propounded the way to reach God through performing Actions (Karma Yog). Having no Wealth but a Good Heart is enough to obtain Divine Knowledge.”

BK Rameshwari put forth the types of activities done by the Brahma Kumaris Organization for the society at large.

Visakhapatnam : Ishu Dadi Inaugurates Divya Jyothi Bhawan

Aganampudi Divya Jyothi Bhawan in Visakhapatnam was Inaugurated by Rajayogini Ishu Dadiji held on 5th-Nov-2019.
More than 800 bks from different places of Vizag along with MLA Name- K.Dharmashree and other officials. BK Rajayogini Veeni & BK Someshwari and bk family gathered in this programme.

Sister BK Shivani’s Visit to Visakhapatnam on 15th Aug 2019

Sister BK Shivani visited Visakhapatnam on 15th August 2019 in which Spiritual sessions for BKs as well as VIPs were organised at Gurajada Kalakshetram, Visakhapatnam.

  1. BKs Session (8.30 am – 11.30 am) (Photos 01 – 03)

Sister BK Shivani along with Sister BK Shivaleela (Incharge, Visakhapatnam district), BK Mani behn, BK Rajini behn (Incharge, Kakinada district ), BK Veni Behn, BK Sita Behn, BK Shashikala Behn of Visakhapatnam are on the dais. About 2000 BK brothers & sisters attended the session.

  1. VIP Talk (5.30 pm – 8.00 pm) on the topic – “Harmony in Relationships” (Photos 04 – 05)

Nearly 3200 VIPs including the top dignitaries : Sri M Srinivasa Rao garu (Tourism Minister of AP), Chairman (VMRDA), VCs, Directors of various Organisations, Navy Officers & others from in & around Visakhapatnam had participated in the session which moved them in the drift of harmony.

Brahma Kumaris Cycle rally cum campaign for Swatch Mann – Swatch Bharat – Swarnim Bharat -day 1/10-flag-off ceremony

  1. Swach Mann – Swach Bharath – Swarnim Bharath:Objective is to create awareness among the people on how to clean their minds and make it powerful. With Clean Mind we can be more happier, healthier & productive in our life. Awareness campaigns focusing on the youth, employees etc. of various organisations.
  2. Techniques to clean the mind, clear the intellect – for this realisation conduct workshops on Rajyoga  meditation at every meditation centres visit on the way.

Why Cycle rally: Awareness on “Choosing cycling for the rally” is as it makes body fit, eco friendly, pollution free, safe roads ,cost effective and saving valuable resources like petrol, diesel, water is important for sustainable eco system. Duration of Rally:  about 11 days.

Distance of travel: about 250 kms to 10 different place in and around Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh Estimated day travel : about 30 kms/ per day.

Flag off ceremony at Rajyoga meditation centre, Railway New Colony by Sis BK Sasikala, Incharge of the local Brahma Kumaris centre for Cycle Rally by Bro. BK Nageswara Rao. Accompanied by another brother BK Ramesh, reached Kurmannapalem(about 25 Kms) BK Centre.  From there went to DAV Public school, 3rd Sector, Ukkunagaram and given message to about 100 children, Jagannadha temple and distributed spiritual message awareness phamplets and given a short talk in public,  accumulated residents of Sardhaar nest near Steel plant and given a seminar or stress free life.

Vizag – Seminar- Swach Bharath mission, at the HPCL-

Venue, Event and participants: As a part of Swach Bharath mission, the HPCL- VISAKHAPATNAM LPG GAS refinery/ Terminal, behind Visakhapatnam Airport is celebrating SWATCHTA PAKHWADA (cleanliness fortnight) from July 1st to 15th  to create awareness on cleanliness among the gas tanker drivers.  A session on “cleaning our surroundings by cleaning our minds”with meditation was conducted by the management of the HPCL gas filling centre.

Chief guest:

shri. M Ramana Murthy, DGM, HPCL- VISAKHAPATNAM LPG GAS Terminal

Other guests:

Shri. Bhaskar, Manager(Operations), Brahma Kumaris brothers BK  Nageshwara Rao, BK Ramesh and BK Sekhar


Program event in summary:

On this occasion, Brahma Kumaris brothers from the BRAHMAKUMARIS, Railway New colony centre have conducted a seminar/talk show for the driving professionals.

Brother Nageshwara Rao had explained in a very simple and practical way with the theme “Swatch Man – Swatch Bharat” about how to make our minds peaceful, powerful and loving by applying spiritual knowledge in our daily life.

Brother BK Ramesh had made them elevated by giving a guided meditation experience.

Interactive Activities &  Videos were shown to the drivers on what can happen if they do not imbibe safe and cleanliness practices in one’s life.

The DGM shri. M Ramana Murthy has explained about how they can keep their vehicles and surroundings clean by practicing cleanliness at personal level.

Shri. Bhaskar, Manager(Operations) has complimented Brahma Kumaris for supporting and initiation for their mission, later on presented the guests with gifts.

The session conducted was with utmost enthusiasm and took 1 1/2 hrs.

Around 60 tanker drivers were participated and got benefited.



International yoga day-by RailwayNewColony visakhapatnam

Program 1 : International Day of Yoga

Date: 21st June 2019

Venue: Murlinagar Sports Association, Visakhapatnam

Timing: 6:15 to 6:45 am

participants:  Colony Residents and children about 100 members

Chief Guest: Sri Dr Babu Rao, Retd. Chief Medical Officer, Eco Railways.

Other honorary guests:

Sri Krishnam Raju garu, President of Murli Nagar Sports Association, Rajyogini BK Sasikala  Sister Centre In Charge, Brahma Kumaris, Railway New Colony, Vizag. Sri KSN Raju, Senior DPO, East Coast Railways, Sri Viswanath, Secretary of of Murli Nagar Sports Association.

Program event in summary:

Yoga Guru Sri KSN Raju garu said the importance of Yoga globally.

He demonstrated and made the participant children to do various asans and pranayam techniques.

Sri Dr Babu Rao garu messaged the participants to practice yoga regularly. It has to be practiced by all age groups especially children who are growing, balances both mind and body, improves memory and concentration, regulates the ailments of body and mind. Each asan has specific impact on each part of the body, which can be practiced and minizes the usage of medicines.

Rajyogini BK Sasikala  Sister Centre In Charge on behalf of  Brahma Kumaris told the significance of Rajyoga, advantages in practicing  rajyoga meditation for mind and body.

She said pain and suffering in body organ can minimized by a concerned asans, but pain and suffering in the mind which is part of soul can be minimized by means of mediation. She also said that Rajyoga emerges the internal powers of the mind, which gives the art of living happy and peaceful life. 80% diseases are Psychosomatic, and can be prevented and cured by practicing meditation.



















 International Day of Yoga

Date: 21st June 2019

Venue: Railway Indoor Sports Enclave, Visakhapatnam

Timing: 7:30 to 8:30 am

participants : about 300 Members from Managerial, Official Staff, RPF, Employees and working staff of East Coast Railways, Visakhpatnam

Chief Guest: Sri Chetan Kumar Srivaastav, Divisional Railway Manager, East Coast Railways, Waltair Division.

Other guests: Sri K A Raju garu, Yoga guruji, President of Distance yoga Association.

Rajyogini BK Sasikala  Sister Centre In Charge, Brahma Kumaris, Railway New Colony, Vizag.

2 Additional DRMs Sri Akshay Saxsena and Sri P. Rama Chandra Rao, Dr. Shikar Hussain, Senior DPO, Sri Rama Krishna, DPO, E Co Railways DRM office, Waltair Division.

Program event in summary:

The railway authorities arranged various programmes as part of the event. A large number of enthusiasts participated in the yoga event which was conducted at Railway Indoor Sports Enclave in the city.

Speaking on the occassion, Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair, Sri Mukul Sri Chetan Kumar Srivaastav said “Yoga is an ancient practice of Indian culture and tradition which not only add years to life but also life to years. It is though yoga that one can attain tranquility of mind that can help to lead a happy life”

Yoga Guruji Sri KA Raju garu said the importance and various types of yoga.

He made demonstrations through expert children from yoga village to the participants for various asans and pranayam techniques. 2 Kids national Champions in yoga has given special performances in Advanced asan techniques.

Rajyogini BK Sasikala  Sister Centre In Charge, Brahma Kumaris, Railway New Colony, Vizag.

told the significance of Rajyoga, advantages and practice of rajyoga meditation.

She said “Practice of Rajyoga gives us controlling and ruling power of mind, intellect and body.

Control over senses makes us Raja(kings). Mastering mind makes us the masters of the world. Meditation causes balance of both body and mind which is key to remove many ailments”

She caught the attention of all the participants in complete silence and bliss through guided commentary of  Rajyoga meditation experience.



International Day of Yoga 2019 – Govt. Programme – Visakhapatnam

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga 2019, an official programme was arranged by the government in the city in which all the top dignitaries including the ministers and other higher officials participated along with general public on 21.6.19. Brahma Kumaris were invited for conducting meditation as a part of the programme. BK Shivaleela behn has given guided meditation commentary on  “Raja Yoga Meditation for Global Peace”.


International Day of Yoga 2019 – Govt. Programme – Visakhapatnam

Harmony House Inauguration by Dadi Janki at Visakhapatnam

Dadi Jankiji and Hansa Behnji came to Visakhapatnam on the occasion of inauguration of newly built Harmony House & Silver Jubilee celebrations of spiritual services of Maharanipeta branch, Visakhapatnam. On this occasion, 103rd Dadiji’s Birthday was also celebrated.

Programme Details from 4th Jan to 6th Jan 2019

A grand procession was arranged by BK Brothers & Sisters from Beach Road to the Centre. Santosh Didiji (Maharashtra, AP, TS Zone Incharge), Godavari Didiji (Mulund sub-zone Incharge), Kuldeep Behnji (Incharge, Hyderabad sub-zone) welcomed Dadiji with bouquets.

05 Jan 2019: Inauguration function at 11.00 am (Photos 1 -11)

Through the lotus hands of Dadiji, Harmony House was inaugurated. Santosh Didiji, Godavari Didiji, Kuldeep Behnji, Senior BK Teachers, BK Brothers & Sisters from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana were also a part of this beautiful occassion. Later, Dadiji hoisted Shivbaba flag.

Special grade invitees from all over the Visakhapatnam district had gathered together for this official Programme at 5.30 PM in the Hall of Harmony House. Nearly 250 dignitaries including MPs, MLAs, IAS, IPS, Naval officers & others had participated. 

Dadiji later met around 200 BK Teachers from Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam & Kakinada districts at 8.00 pm on the same day.

 (Morning Programme) Silver Jubilee Celebrations & 103rd Dadiji’s Birthday 

Grand Silver Jubilee celebrations took place at Gurajada Auditorium (Siripuram) at Visakhapatnam. For this memorable celebration, BK Rajyogini Dadi Jankiji, BK Hansa behn, BK Santosh Didiji (Maharashtra, AP, TS Zone Incharge), BK Godavari Didiji (Mulund sub-zone Incharge), BK Kuldeep Behnji (Incharge, Hyderabad sub-zone), BK Rajini behn (Incharge, Kakinada district ), BK Annapurna Behn (Incharge, Vizianagaram district), BK Veni Behn, BK Sita Behn, BK Shashikala Behn of Visakhapatnam, BK Anjali Behn, BK Sheela Behn, BK Umarani Behn of Hyderabad were on the dais.

 On the occasion of this Silver Jubilee celebrations, about 20 students of Visakhapatnam, Gajuwaka & Anakapalli were felicitated who have completed 25 yrs journey in this spiritual path. About 3500 BK brothers & sisters took part in this occasion followed by Brahmabhojan.

Public awareness program on Alcoholics anonymous” attended by Brahma Kumaris, Railway New Colony, Visakhapatnam

Date: 01st December 2018
Venue:  Vivekananda Kalyana Madapam, Nakkavanipalem, Visakhapatnam.
Timing: 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Participants: Members of Alcoholics anonymous group with their families and the public. About 150 members were present at the public awareness programChief Guest: Sister BK Sasikala, Brahma Kumaris, Railway New Colony, Visakhapatnam
Other Honarary guests:
were Dr Padmavathi- Psychiatrist, Ram Babu garu-Circle inspector of MVP Police Station, Rama Rao Garu, Raju Garu, Mahesh garu, Uma mahesh Garu, Durga Prasad garu etc are the members of AA group, Vizag

Program organised and Coordinated by: Members of Alcoholics anonymous Visakha group.

Dr Padmavathi psychiatrist explained in detailed the causes of addiction due to alcoholism, how it effects physically, mentally, financially, spiritually of an individual.

MVP police Department Circle Inspector says “charity begins at home; family members should take active participation for the recovery of alcoholic addicts, by giving support and care to the recovered. Youth should be free from alcoholism.”

Rajyogini Sister BK Sasikala from Brahma Kumaris, Railway New Colony said “Self realization is the key for change.  Individuals responsibility is there to bring the change rather than force of someone else. Self change is the part of worldly change.

She Added “We need to provide pure, healthy and sathvik diet to our body as this body is compared to a mandir(temple) and we are shrines(murthi) living in  it.   We should make ourselves worship worthy by our deeds not hated by members of family and others in the society.”

She told “This body is very expensive as revealed by American Doctors to about 250 crores.  The kind of food which we need to intake to this expensive body should be of good quality and nice food rather not alcohol, drug abusive or any other additive foods.

We should indulge more time in individual and social services as an interest of helping others can be an intoxication that will give no thoughts to think about alcohol abuse.”

Sister BK Sasikala has briefed the process of self meditation.  In this context she said “meditation is the process of getting connected by our inner self with the Higher Consciousness.  The blissful intoxication obtained through this meditation will not let any physical addictions to relapse”. She appealed to “practice Rajayoga meditation to master our own self and obtain inner joy hence eternal peace.” Later on she took the audience to the supreme intoxication through her guided meditation experience.